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Ljubac, once a fishing village, is located in the southern part of the municipality of Razanac, Zadar County.
The place is located in the Bay of Ljubac, 8 km southwest of Razanac (8 km) and 17 km northwest of the city of Zadar.
Ljubac stretches for about 3 km from Ljubački stanovi to Provala.
It has about 480 inhabitants, and the population is mainly engaged in tourism, olive growing, and to some extent by fishing.


Ljubač primarily offers its guests peace, rest and relaxation.
It is ideal for families with small children, but also for those who want an active vacation.

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Ljubač has an indented sandy beach.
The sea is warm and shallow, which is ideal for families with small children.
In addition to the large sandy beach in the south, in the village, further north there are stone and concrete beaches.
Near the sea, guests can refresh themselves in several restaurants.


Marina in a sheltered harbor – for boat owners looking for a mooring, and those who want to rent a speedboat or boat.

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Due to the strong wind, but also the natural shelter of the bay, Ljubač is an ideal place for all kinds of windsurfing sports, whether in spring, summer or autumn.


The area around Ljubač is covered with numerous circular MTB bike paths with a total length of about 80 km.

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For lovers of hiking or mountaineering, the surroundings of Ljupče with its fascinating and colorful relief will delight you.


The name Ljubač has been mentioned since prehistoric times, and in the beginning it was called Lubey, Juba, castrum Liube, later Gliuba, Ljuba … today Ljubač.
Thanks to its favorable geographical position and good climate, Ljubač has had an important strategic position throughout history, especially in the Middle Ages.
Due to its millennial existence, the Ljubac region is also rich in the remains of historic buildings dating back to the Stone and Iron Ages.
The most famous locations are the:

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The parish church of St. Martin

In the center of Ljubač, from the 17th century. in which the chalice from the church of St. Marcela from Cape Ljubljana.

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Stari grad (Castrum Liubae)

2km from the center, on a cape called Ljubljana – an ancient Templar fortress from the 8th century.

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Fortification facade

of modern Ljubač from the 17th century.


Double early Christian basilica

on the location Podvršje – Glavčine, from the 5th century


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