Ljubac is an ideal starting point for visiting many attractive locations in the wider area.




Coastal town with a rich history, and municipal center, 5 km away from Ljubač. Clean sea and beautiful beaches. Numerous cultural and entertainment events are held in the summer. As a pearl of Croatian folklore, the autochthonous dance, Ražanačko kolo, should be highlighted.

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The capital of the county, 17 km from Ljubač.
In Zadar you can enjoy various summer events, outdoor concerts, and various clubs and restaurants. About 3000 years old, Zadar is a city of exceptional history, rich in cultural and historical heritage; churches, streets, squares, museums … of which the church of Sv. Donat (9th century), the church and monastery of St. Marija (11th century) with the exhibition Gold and Silver of the City of Zadar, Roman Forum (3rd century), Kalelarga (main city street) ..
Among the modern attractions there is the well-known installation Greeting to the Sun on the Zadar Riva, Sea Organ – a unique blend of architecture and music.


The first Croatian royal town, 15km from Ljubač. The town is extremely rich in cultural and historical heritage. We recommend visiting the Nin Saltworks and the Salt Museum, the Church of the Holy Cross (Sveti Križ), known as the ‘smallest cathedral in the world, the beautiful sandy beach, Kraljičina plaža..



One of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea, 35 km from Ljubač. Among the sights worth visiting are the Ornithological Reserve Veliko and Malo Blato, the Old Town of Pag, the millennial olive groves in Lun and more. Those looking for fun can enjoy Zrće, one of the most beautiful Croatian beaches, where summer electronic music festivals are held.

National Parks

Ljubač is an ideal starting point for visiting numerous national parks in Zadar County, and beyond.

National Park Paklenica

Located 45km from Ljubač.
Covering an area of over 95 square kilometers, NP Paklenica stretches on the slopes of South Velebit, and is home to hundreds of animal and thousands of plant species.
The highest peaks in the park are Vaganski vrh (1757 n / nv) and Sveto brdo (1753 m / nv).

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Velebit Park of nature

Distance from Ljubač 90km.
Covering an area of 2200 km2, Velebit Nature Park is the largest protected area in Croatia.
In 1978, Velebit was included in the network of international biosphere reserves of UNESCO. Within the borders of the Park there are two national parks, Paklenica National Park and Northern Velebit National Park.

Telašćica Park of nature

80 km away from Ljubač, Telašćica is a park of nature on the southeastern part of Dugi otok in the Adriatic Sea.
With the surrounding waters and 13 islands, islets and reefs, it covers an area of about 70 square kilometers. Among the most famous attractions are vertical rocks up to 160m high, corals, and Lake Mir.


Kornati National Park

Located 85km from Ljubač, it is located in central Dalmatia, west of Šibenik and south of Zadar.
With 89 islands, islets and cliffs in the sea, the Kornati are the most indented archipelago in the Mediterranean.

Park of nature Vransko jezero (Vrana lake)

55km away from Ljubač, it is located between Zadar and Šibenik.
Vrana Lake is the largest natural lake in Croatia, and a famous ornithological reserve for 251 species of birds. It covers 57 square kilometers of a unique wetland area.

vransko jezero

Zrmanja Canyon

35km from Ljubač.
The river Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers and is 69 km long.
The area of the impressive Zrmanja canyon from Obrovac to the mouth of the Novigrad Sea is a protected ecological area in the length of about 10 km.
In some places, the canyon reaches a depth of up to 200m, and in one of the locations, the legendary film Winnetou was shot.

Krka National Park

90km away from Ljubač, in Šibenik-Knin County.
Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia known for its large number of lakes and waterfalls.
The national park is located a few kilometers northeast of Sibenik, and covers an area of ​​109 square kilometers.

krka nacionalni park


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